Sunday, July 31, 2011


I just never know what's love
Something related with heart?
Something related with mind?
Or something that related with nothing?

I just never get what's in their mind
They just too over in love
That love could makes them blind
They just try to make it fine

I've heard and I've tried
To make it allright
I just lock my heart
And opens if it knows that's right

I've read some words by them
And stupidly I just trust with it
I don't know what I afraid of
I just want to stay away of it

I just tired to listen some words
I just tired of believing those words
I just got enough of shids
I just got enough of feeling hurts

I'm not feel that something hurts
'Cause actually I'm not in love
I just really need and addicted
But like bep says, I'm addicted but I just can't get enough.
Not just enough, but not at all.

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