Sunday, March 27, 2011

nLia :-)

The first time I knew you, I'd never knew this.
I'd never knew that Ill fallin tp you.
I'd never knew that this love getting stronger.
and yesterday i find all about you
even know I just lookin at you.
That you want her since before
But I still hearing you song
I still read all of about us
and know it hurt so much.
But you stop everthing about us.
You'd know her better well
And you'd better hold her tight.
I know it hurt but you never knew and never want to know it.
I could back to every laugh
But I won't back to the time of us
I won't back to the place when you call me
You are the only one I need
But I should let you go
and I should let it flow
Cause I know i'll find someone someday
With some love, some feel and won't me change

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