Saturday, July 7, 2012

Who's fighting?

A lonely and empty road
Which I've drive alone
Feels like I'm the only one who's fighting
Am I that selfish?

And now, I'm on the pavements
Waiting for you to find, to care and to come
But there's only one tree standing alone
Maybe to wait a bird to be friends
Or just to keep the sadness

Now, I'm riding home 
Because I know you'll never come there
Am I the only one who's fighting?
To keep the things unchanged

Is it just some illusions?
Or is it true that I've been trying that hard?
But I hope you've ever take a part
To keep fight for me

It's sad, knowing you a moodbooster
It's sad, knowing you a moodbreaker
That's never success to hate you
And I bet that this heart always forgives 

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