Thursday, April 26, 2012

missing doubt?

I miss you. 
I miss how we were together.
I miss how we were talk to each other.
I miss how we were talk about future.
I miss yelling at you.
I miss how I look deep into your eyes.
I miss how we could keep on silent, just to stare each other
I miss how I slept then you came to say goodbye
I miss how you holdin my hand
I miss to see how you blush.
I miss to see you're smiling just because you see me.
I doubt why I'd took a chance with him.
I doubt why I give you up too fast.
I doubt the way you still waiting.
I doubt the way you still chasing.

I really need to talk to you. Even somehow we're not together, anymore. But however I knew it that I really need you. so much. so badly. And I realized that all my thought aren't worth at all. All of my thought aren't a words that you want to hear. Because you locked all, because you learn how to stay away. And slowly you'll did it. And forget me in the whole of your life

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