Sunday, April 29, 2012

i am.

I wonder did I ever crossed your mind even just a little?
I doubt if I'm the only one that you think about, I'm the only one you worry about.
'Cause I know how I treat you never makes you happier like she did.
I don't know why I'm thinking about this but I'm so sure.
I'm so sure that she makes your laugh louder, she makes your eyes brighter.
I don't know what's this feeling.
I punish myself, I kill my feeling. 
I don't know how to makes you happier. 
You don't even care, you don't even understand.
Maybe I'm the one who easily jealous.
But I'm just afraid for losing you.
But I just can't tell you about this.
I won't tell you because it'll makes everything worse.
I think I'm too pathetic for always hiding feelings. 
But it's better for me to hurt myself than ruin everything we've made.
but above all this writing text, i need to be honest.
yes, I am jealous. I can't lie, I am jealous.

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