Wednesday, August 24, 2011

second though

Actually I just picked up this story from someone. Someone I love, the closest person I’ve ever had and someone that always here with me when I’m up and down.

This story started over 10 years ago. When she was already messed up with him.

No contacts.

No talks.

No “babe”.

No miss.

No pictures.

No pillow talks.

And the most crazy is….

There’s no love.



I just too wonder about this story. I just have too much feels of wonder here. Wonder why this could be means nothing at all.

Why they’re keep together if there’s no love, no peace, no contacts.

Why they’re keep holdin’ on of what they’re made and they messed up with.

Why they could be strong enough.

Why they never tried to solve all the problems. Just release all the problems, their emotion to everybody that shouldn’t be their place to release all of their pains, their sickness, their angry, their f-ing emotion and their undescribe feels. For being the place that being their place to wreak their emotion, the writer included of it.

Why they won’t to talk, solve and everything just get it right.
I just feels like the their childs are tired and want to have a real-family.
That could being the main of love, the main of heart and the main of care.
But it just different. I just feel like their childs use this home for sleeps and studies.
That’s it and that’s all. No love, no caring, no peace and just keep in silent.

P.S :
- Bad grammar
- Bad words
- sorry for anyone that has same story and sme things like this story said.

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