Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just wanted to destroy.
Just tried to the best.
They don't know what's wrong.
But just leave their tears.

Keepin' search what's right.
Nobody tells what's wrong.
Just get rush in time.
Just give what I've done.

She might write all.
She might understand at all.
But that just makes them go.
Just leave what they've fight for.

Why you're standin' there like no one care?
I prefer standin' to be useless.
Why you just leave it here and just go there?
I prefer go than silent for do nothing else.

They just got you.
They just trust you.
They just want you.
And they just need you.

Why I must come later.
When everything handled by you.
How can I make it better.
If you're not telling me to do.

You just mad why I didn't come.
But I just feel not invited.
If you want me to come.
Just let me say what I need.

For sure, I won't to begging.
If I just make something gone bad.
Just realized I want to go back.
Cause' I know I'm not needed.

Just do everything with them.
Just go and leave me here.
Just come when There's no them.
You'll see I'm standin' here.

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