Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dear You,
I just realize that last night was something that I shouldn't do. I just know that I'm too umm such of brash. I just wanna describe something that I couldn't. I just wanna let them know. No no. That's not what I mean.

I want the world to see you with me. Actually, that's not 'all' that I want. I want you to know, I want you to understand that I care about you. That I....wanna keep you. I need you. Cause when I'm with you I can stay away of dream about him. About memories of him.

Yaa ya. Maybe I'm too childish for you. Maybe I'm too often to make a joke about something that can't you get of your mind. And I know how's terrible my grammar. But I'm sure you understand what I'm talk about. I can't let this feeling continous to flows. I won't too hoping but there's nothing.

I won't too dissapointed at the end. That's all that I want. I can't let us keep in silent. Cause I need you, I need you for pour affection from me. I have no one except you. Cause you-are the most understanding person that I know.

Like you said that your kindness to pour your affection that's too much. Except they fool who crossed out their name in your eyes. Let them know how much you hate me. Let them know how much you tell me to shut the f00kin up. I can understand all you want. I know. Let you comparing me with others. How important am I for you, huh? Like only 0,01%. I'm sure.

Everything you said are I don't know do you really mean it or not. This writing I made just only let you know that I can't too long and getting longer to keep in silent with you, tq.

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