Sunday, May 22, 2011

why life has to be so complicated?

I know it's kinda awkward of posting the thing like before this one.
how many words that I lied.
Actually, that's not lying but that's really opposite of my condition. especially about the last one. i won't explain it again.
But, for really and for sure, i'm going to the point of crazy. i don't know why i feel like i'm the one who doesn't in the real world.
everything's for me is like funny. But everything's fake.
Maybe the laughs are gone and they're never come back. OH, nope. they will always here, in my soul.
But i think they won't come when there's a problem.

Dear smile,
You should come everyday for making laugh perfect.

Dear laugh,
you must accept smile beside and behind you. it really work

Dear sad,
you should come often. don't come everyday. just if there's a big problem.

Dear tears,
you can make sad perfect and everybody's smile after making you out. but i swear, i love you.

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