Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lost \m/

So easy you were come
And now as easy you're dissappear
There's nothing here at all, now
You're really go like the water
And lost with the wind
When you were come
You came along my life with ur kindness
With ur humories and with ur laugh
I just hipnotised cause that's all
It was before
Now you go& tossed it in the bin
Those memories gone&never back
No one try to find it
No one wanna go to garbage field
because you mean it nothing
I've write those memories
And I put it in the box and let go with the river
anybody will find those memories?
Will they read all of it?
will they also have same stories?
Will they lost a person who they love the most?
Will they have long-life-story?
and now I move, I try to move
Yea because no one knows&no one cares
Because the last is you,
and the last is gone.

X -nurlia

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