Sunday, February 20, 2011

night, worry and memories. forget?

I just realize something
That just already happen this few weeks
Yea you go,
You come like the air
and you go with the wind
You closer and I'm still waiting
Even I know that you'll go somewhere, AGAIN.
forget me and do keep goin on your life
But I still waiting and tryin to be nice
because in my dream, there's always you
because tonight I still care about you
and because everyminute I worry about you
Even I know you are not.
Even I know you'd better with them
and because I know that I'm the worst here.
But did you forget all the plans?
Did you don't care with those words?
Did you ever remember ur promise?
I'm sure that you never care
because I know that I can do nothing
And one that you never, ever, ever care
I always tryin to do the best.
I just tired of these and those problem
One thing that the best thing 'bout us lost contact
is only that we will not fighting
I didn't care that you don't care about me
I didn't care that you tossed me
and I never care if you don't want to know me
because tonight and every night,
there's always you in my dream
and every seconds, only that I worry about.

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