Sunday, June 10, 2012


Because I've feel how it hurts to lose you.
now, i won't do the same thing. I won't leave you. 
And you're the only one who can accept me for who I am.
I can't explain how your eyes could take me away since the first time. 
And everything's changing. feelings changing. 
You're the one of many people which always support me.
you're the one that can be the reason behind my smile.
But sometimes you're the reason of my tears
But I realized that every fight we did, always worth to fight our relationship.
everything just makes us stronger, to make us keep going on.
And it's true, I still wanna be the one that say i love you.
I still wanna be the one to hear your i love you.
and you're still the one that I want. at least, until this time.
You make me happy in all aspects, you make me perfect.
And yes, you're my inspiration. rfm{}


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