Monday, June 25, 2012


The first time I came a year ago
I don't feel like I'm in a new home
I don't feel like I'll feel comfort
and I just feel a quite situation
The first time we were in class
Just feel so quite like no one talking
A week passed, I already can't hear the sound of AC
I just can hear the shout of Mine's voice
the laugh of Monika's voice
The song from Abim and Sule's voice
The sound of guitar while Anggar and Afi were playing
The scream from Tiara because the tickles
The random thoughts from Rania's mind
The "sssht" from Aci's voice
See the drawing from Ima, Dinda and Dhiya
See the origami 3D by Mirshaan
And everything that we have done.
Now, I just feels like I'm in ducks farm
Hearing the unfinished voice of my 8eBek
But now, everything just ended
The reflexy has done today
And I can't let go what I have had
I can't let 8eBek go
There'll no more the things I've posted in #forever8eBek
But you've made my year, ducks!


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