Monday, May 21, 2012

14th Birthday - Best birthday so far

 yesterday was 16th of May and I turned out into 14th years old. I was planning to have a dinner together with my friends. actually it wasn't a dinner but I just invited them to restaurant then eat together. I was surprisingly happy when Syaviera suddenly get out from the kitchen and sang Happy Birthday to me. Then, it was right time while he finally came then hold the cake. I was happy tears at that time because that was the first time he can meet my mother. even she not allowed me with him. But at that time she had a big smile on her face. I made a wish. I blew up the candle(s) and I was very very very happy. Because after all this time, finally I can make a little party. even just a little.

 Blewing up the candles <:D

with the best of best friends

with <3
 Fweeendz :_D

++ Ms. Lilis!

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