Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sorry for being too long of hurting you
Sorry for every single crazy things that i did
Sorry for being so childish and selfish
But i Just cant even stay

I just can't spend my day just waiting for message
I just cant spend my day for reading the old history
And the most, I cant spend my day for missing you right
Did you know? i just cant too far away from you

I just realized that i cant be strong as i bet
I just cant be strong enough for held everything
I just cant stop wondering how's you there
This only take too much time

I'm sorry that makin promises are broken
But you don't understand "who am i"
If you think this is too fast, no i'm not
ive thought about it for long time

Seriously I just need time
I need time for let my self to considering everything
But this is true I cant take too much time again

the decision is mine
I wont give you more headache
I wont give you more sadness
and I wont give you more worried

by the way
for the last time i told you,
this is the best.
Because love isn't show only by relationship
Friendship has never ending
so it makes the memmory still in mine

Nurlia Arina

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